Fight the spread of viruses

Virus-Aware Seal

The Virus-Aware Seal is an add-on to the Blue Destination Certification and focuses on health and safety. The Virus-Aware Seal can help you implement the right measures and raise awareness about virus spread.


The criteria

There are currently no measures active against the spread of the Covid-19 virus on Bonaire. However, Covid-19 or other viruses will continue to play a role in our society for a long time to come. Demonstrating your company’s commitment to health and safety can provide reassurance to both your staff and your customers. The Virus-Aware Seal is a non-binding addition to the Blue Destination Certification. The Seal can help you to implement the right measures and to increase awareness.

The Virus-Aware Seal consists of a number of practical criteria that are also achievable for small businesses. The list of criteria is regularly updated to meet the recommendations established by the World Health Organization (WHO). When there is no virus active, the criteria are more flexible than when there is a threat or outbreak of a virus.


Register your company

Register your company or organization directly for the Blue Destination Company certification here.
(and the Virus Aware Seal). After registration, the Chamber of Commerce will contact you as soon as possible.

Among other things, the Virus-Aware Seal demonstrates that:

Three levels

Within the Virus-Aware Seal, a distinction is made between three levels. The basic requirements must be met at all three levels. But for the third level, Virus-Aware Certified, at least half of the optional requirements must also be met.


The main difference between the levels lies in the way in which the information you provide is checked. Just like with the Blue Destination Certification, you report through an online platform. At the first level, your answers and documents are checked remotely, at the second level an audit takes place through a video connection and at the third level your company is audited on site.

To qualify for the third level, you must have already completed the Blue Destination Certification with at least two STARS.


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