Blue Destination

“A Blue Destination makes sustainable use of ocean resources for growth, well-being and jobs while protecting the health of the ocean ecosystem.” (Tourism Corporation Bonaire, 2017)

Role of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce in Blue Destination Certification

What is the role of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce in the Blue Destination Certification process? The Bonaire Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Blue Destination Steering Group. Blue Destination was established on 8 June 2018 with the aim of raising awareness in the field of sustainability, for the benefit of the preservation of our nature, culture, our heritage and economic development. The other members of the steering committee are TCB, BONHATA, Stinapa and the OLB-SKAL.


The Chamber of Commerce serves as the front office for the Blue Destination Certification and manages the website and related social media.


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