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How does it work?

Participation is easy. Follow the steps below or contact us with any questions

Registration: You may register your company for certification right away. Your application will be received by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bonaire and they will contact you and refer you to Green Destinations.

Reporting: After completing the registration, you will receive login details for an online platform. On this platform you may fill in how your company scores for each criterion. You should add photos and/or documents as proof.

Assessment: The information you provide is assessed by a team of experts from our international partner Green Destinations. You will receive feedback on possible first points for improvement and you will be able to make any additions you wish.


Audit: If the assessment shows that your company meets 70% or more of the criteria, an independent auditor will visit your company for an inspection. This can be done on site or via a video connection.

Certification: After receiving advice based on the audit, the mentioned team of experts will decide the final score. How many STARS your company will get depends on the percentage of criteria that your company meets.

1 STAR: At least 50% score, based on the answers and documents provided.

2 STARS: At least 75% score, checked by means of an audit.

3 STARS: At least 95% score, verified by means of an audit.

4 STARS: At least 75% score on the 14 additional criteria, checked by means of an audit.

5 STARS: At least 95% score on the 14 additional criteria, verified by means of an audit.


Want to do even more? Have your company go for four or five STARS.

In addition to the certification described, we also offer company certifications based on the full GSTC standard. GSTC stands for Global Sustainable Tourism Council and the GSTC criteria serve as a globally recognized standard for sustainability within the travel industry. This comprises an extra fourteen criteria in addition to the regular Blue Destination Certification standard. This gives companies that already have extensive experience in the field of sustainability the opportunity to take the next step.

For more information about the four and five STAR certifications, visit our partner’s website: Good Travel Guide or contact the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Bonaire.


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(and the Virus Aware Seal). After registration, the Chamber of Commerce will contact you as soon as possible.

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