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The business community on Bonaire is one of the driving forces behind Blue Destination. The Blue Destination Certification is a certification system to help local businesses operate more sustainably and socially.

Company Certification

Every company on Bonaire, whether large or small, can play an active role in sustainability. For example, they may make environmentally conscious choices when purchasing products, processing waste or using water and energy. Taking good care of your staff, informing and raising your customers’ awareness or ensuring a safe and clean environment also contributes to Bonaire as a Blue Destination.


In 2019, the ‘Blue Destination Certification’ was developed. The Blue Destination Certification is a way to inform, guide and reward companies on their way to a more sustainable and social business strategy.


What are the benefits for my company?

Discover some of the most frequently mentioned benefits of company certification here.

What are the criteria?

The Blue Destination Certification considers 'doing good' for Bonaire in the broadest sense possible.

How does it work?

Participating is easy. Follow the steps below or contact us with any questions.


What does it cost?

The Blue Destination Certification has been specifically designed to be affordable and attainable for businesses of all sizes. The annual costs depend on the size of the company, which is established on the basis of the number of full time employees (FTEs). The annual subscription costs for companies that offer accommodation, on the other hand, are based on the number of rooms. An audit takes place every two years

Are you new to this? Get started with the Blue Destination Scan

The Blue Destination Scan is a first step towards building a sustainable business. This method has been specifically developed for smaller companies that have little or no experience of running a sustainable business. With only twelve criteria, the Blue Destination Scan is an accessible tool to see where your company stands and where there is room for improvement. You may even be inspired to go for the full Blue Destination Certification. For more information about the scan, visit our partner’s website:  Good Travel Guide or contact the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Register your company

Apply your company or organization directly for Blue Destination Certification here
(and the Virus Aware Seal). After registration, the Chamber of Commerce will contact you as soon as possible.

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