What is Blue Destination?

“A Blue Destination makes sustainable use of ocean resources for growth, well-being and jobs while protecting the health of the ocean ecosystem.” (Tourism Corporation Bonaire, 2017)”


Certified companies

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Here you may directly sign up your company or organization for the Blue Destination Company Certification (and the Virus-Aware Seal).

Virus Aware Seal

The Virus-Aware Seal is an add-on to the Blue Destination Certification and focuses on health and safety.

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Sign up your company or organization here directly for the Blue Destination Certification (and the Virus-Aware Seal). After registration, the Chamber of Commerce will contact you as soon as possible.

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What do our certified companies say

We think it is important that Bonaire remains healthy for the youth who will have to live and work here in the future.

The Blue Destination certification means for Habitat to be able to demonstrate the way Habitat has always existed and operated.

Besides running our own business as sustainable as possible we also host quarterly Clean Up Dives. With this event we actively promote environmental awareness

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