Blue Destination

“A Blue Destination makes sustainable use of ocean resources for growth, well-being and jobs while protecting the health of the ocean ecosystem.” (Tourism Corporation Bonaire, 2017)

What is Blue Destination?

Bonaire as a Blue Destination strives for the perfect synergy between nature, culture and economy. The natural resources, such as the ocean that surrounds the island, are both protected and utilized. Bonaire as a Blue Destination creates a unique identity and experience that sets Bonaire apart from other Caribbean islands. Blue Destination promotes what Bonaire stands for and helps attract visitors who share these values. Are you already Blue?

Also turn blue

Bonaire’s business community is one of the driving forces behind Blue Destination. The Blue Destination Certification is a certification system to help local businesses become more sustainable and socially responsible. The certification gives you an insight into what your company is already doing for the environment, nature and society and in which areas there is room for improvement. You can use this to attract customers and inspire others to do their part as well. Read more about the benefits of business certification. here


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What makes Bonaire Blue?

The blue waters that surround Bonaire make a beautiful backdrop for many vacation photos. But, Bonaire has long known that the ocean is much more important than that. The ocean provides oxygen, absorbs CO2 and gives us food. The ocean is not only central to nature. Bonaire’s culture and economy are also intertwined with the sea.


Established in 1979, the Bonaire National Marine Park is the oldest marine park in the world. The park surrounds the entire island and protects coral reefs, sea grass, mangroves and other marine life. In 2001, Klein Bonaire was added to the legally protected area. Great progress has been made in restoring coral reefs over the past decade, and harmful sunscreen has been banned since 2021. In 2022, a ban on disposable plastic goes into effect As of June 1, there is a ban on disposable plastic on Bonaire. All boaters contribute to conservation by purchasing the nature tag. A unique system where the user helps pay for the maintenance and conservation of nature.


The blue of the sea is part of the flag, of the history and of the identity of Bonaire. In music, dance, art and cuisine, the importance of the ocean comes to the fore. Tourism can boost culture and tradition. Expressing what is important to Bonaire helps to reaffirm and pass on its own identity. This contributes to interconnectedness and encourages working together.


Within a so-called “blue economy,” the ocean is used as a natural resource for economic growth, improving well-being, creating jobs, as well as protecting those same resources (World Bank, 2018). Needless to say, Bonaire is pursuing this. The island’s economy is largely based on tourism. The success of this sector depends on the status of our nature and culture. Read here how various certified companies on Bonaire are doing their part.


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