30 January 23

The Chamber of Commerce Bonaire is extremely proud of the new Blue Destination certified companies.

The Chamber of Commerce Bonaire is extremely proud of the new Blue Destination certified companies.

Villa Carina Apartments, Fundashon Mariadal, AB Dive and Greenbikes have recently received their Blue Destiantion certification. Last Wednesday, January 25, the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce together with a delegate consisting of the Commissioner Hennyson Thielman, responsible for economic affairs, BONHATA and TCB visited these companies to grant their Blue Destination certification. The Chamber of Commerce warmly congratulates the four aforementioned organizations on their success and expresses the hope that they will set an example for other local businesses.

Villa Carina Apartments managed to get the maximum of five stars. This special resort in Belnem had already been certified with three stars since 2020, which was the maximum number of stars to be achieved at that time. Since 2022, the Blue Destination certification program has been expanded to a maximum of five stars. Villa Carina Apartments is to date the only company to have achieved this maximum of 5 stars. This again clearly demonstrates that it is possible to do your part for a sustainable Bonaire. When you stay at Villa Carina Apartments, you know for sure that you are doing something good for Bonaire.

In addition, Fundashon Mariadal is certified with four stars. Fundashon Mariadal has made its business operations sustainable. In the coming years, Fundashon Mariadal will continue to do so. A sustainable team will have to implement this. The certification of Fundashon Mariadal is proof that all types of companies can organize their business operations sustainably and, in this way, make an active contribution to Bonaire as a Blue Destination.

AB Dive, a division of AB Car Rentals, has also achieved three stars of Blue Destination certification. They distinguish themselves by diving in small groups and thus want to contribute to the conservation of Bonaire’s flora & fauna. They also have their own solar powered energy network, and the filling of the dive tanks is done in a sustainable way. Greenbikes has also achieved three stars and is a fairly new venture on Bonaire. They are the first fully electric scooter rental shop on the island. Thus, they are contributing to cleaner transportation and reducing CO2 emissions.

Every business on Bonaire, large or small, can play an active role in sustainability. Think for example of environmentally conscious choices in the purchase of products, the processing of waste, or the use of water. Taking care of personnel, informing, and making customers aware, or ensuring a safe and clean environment contributes to Bonaire as a Blue Destination. The “Blue Destination Certification” was developed to inform, guide and reward companies and organizations on their way to a more sustainable and social business.  Bonaire as Blue Destination strives for the perfect synergy between nature, culture, and economy. Natural resources, such as the ocean that surrounds the island, are both protected and utilized. Bonaire as Blue Destination creates a unique identity and experience that sets Bonaire apart from other Caribbean islands. Blue Destination conveys what Bonaire stands for and helps attract visitors who share these values.

Certification of businesses is a joint initiative of the Blue Destination steering committee, the Public Entity of Bonaire and Good Travel Guide. The Chamber of Commerce serves as the front office for the certification and the audit is conducted by Green Destinations as an independent party.

Information about the certified companies can be viewed on the website www.bluedestination.com. Soon the Chamber of Commerce will host another information session on Blue Destination Certification. If you are interested in this or have other questions, please email info@bluedestination.com or contact the BIS Department of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce at 717-5595 or by email bis@kvkbonaire.com


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