27 September 22

Blue Destination Certification Meeting

Blue Destination Certification Meeting

On Friday July 15th, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Bonaire, together with BONHATA and TCB, organized a successful Blue Destination certification meeting at Delfins Beach Resort. More than 80 companies and 125 interested entrepreneurs, operating in different branches, were present. This included accommodations, car rental companies, construction companies, catering, service bureaus and other types of companies.

Any company on Bonaire, large or small, can play an active role in sustainability. Think, for example, of environmentally conscious choices when purchasing products, processing waste, or using water.

Taking care of staff, informing, and raising awareness of customers, or ensuring a safe and clean environment contributes to Bonaire being a Blue Destination. The Blue Destination Certification was developed to inform, guide and reward companies and organizations on their way to a more sustainable and socially responsible business. Bonaire as a Blue Destination strives for the perfect synergy between nature, culture, and economy. The natural resources, such as the ocean that surrounds the island, are both protected and utilized.

Bonaire as a Blue Destination creates a unique identity and experience that distinguishes Bonaire from other Caribbean islands. Blue Destination promotes what Bonaire stands for and helps to attract visitors who share these values.

During this information session, the Chamber of Commerce gave a lot of explanation about the benefits and the process of Blue Destination Certification. Up till now a total of 12 companies have been Blue Destination certified and some companies are currently in the certification process. The Chamber of Commerce, BONHATA and TCB hope that several entrepreneurs will start the Blue Destination certification process in view of the positive effect of this on the sustainability of Bonaire. Due to the great number of registrations received, it was decided to schedule a follow-up information session. The exact date for this session will be announced soon. We request that you keep an eye on the Blue Destination website and the Facebook page of Blue Destination. You can also send an email to info@bluedestination.com or contact the BIS department on 7175595.

MASHA DANKI to all who attended and let’s make Bonaire more sustainable together.


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