We are a progressive Caribbean island in terms of synergizing people, culture and nature. We aim to become a leader in the preservation of Bonaire’s natural assets and resources.

Bonaire commits and adapts to the sustainable use of ocean resources for growth, well-being, jobs and the ocean ecosystem’s health.

We are the first Caribbean island to have a marine park that is protected for over 41 years. With protection of nature as a cornerstone of our sustainable tourism policies, the island’s economic development plan is built on sustainability. Bonaire’s recognition of the importance of its water resources even extends to its flag, where the blue represents the pure waters. Being a Blue Destination aligns with Bonaire’s culture, history and the heritage of people who have embraced and protected the ocean for their livelihood. 

To protect Bonaire and its natural resources, a better connection between man and nature is of great importance. 

Bonaire Blue Destination builds a bridge between nature and society, always with sustainability in mind, and creates a unique identity and experience, which differentiates Bonaire from other Caribbean islands.


With Bonaire Blue Destination we want to raise awareness in the field of sustainability, for the benefit of our nature, economic development and the preservation of our heritage and culture. A culture that has always lived with and from the ocean. 

Many people, groups and organizations already do a lot in terms of sustainability on the island. Bonaire Blue Destination aims to shine a light on these projects and encourages and promotes cooperation between these parties.


Currently  businesses can sign up for the Blue Destination Company Certification. The initiative for the Blue Destination Company Certification is a joint effort of the Blue Destination steering group and Green Destinations. The main reason for this certification process is the desire to give companies and organizations an active role in the implementation of Bonaire’s vision as a Blue Destination.

The Blue Destination Company Certification is a ecolabel based upon two pillars: (1) sustainability and (2) health & safety.

The Blue Destination Company Certification focuses on practical requirements that are easy to manage for businesses of all sizes. The Virus-Aware certification, is provided as a free add-on, provides an additional element of health and safety protection to a business.

How does it work?

After providing you with all relevant information, you will be invited to complete a form on an online platform and to submit supporting documents. This will indicate to what extent your business implements measures for sustainable and responsible business.

The reporting process includes 12 subjects. A number of criteria have been developed for each subject, some of which are generic and applicable to almost all sectors and others which are sector-specific.

An independent auditor will then assess based on the information and documentation that you have provided, how many of the criteria were achieved by your business. The assessment will be carried out online (via video call), as well as on-site. The result will be a score (percentage). If it is sufficient, you will be awarded the Blue Destination Company Certification and a Certificate of completion

What are the benefits?​     

  • Happy Guests = Higher Ratings: certified businesses receive better reviews and ratings. This proves that certification boosts management and quality of services.
  • Environment: certified businesses use 19% less water, 24% less waste and 10% less CO2.
  • Show what you do: another benefit of the Blue Destination Company Certification is its transparency. You will be able to show your customers  the positive sustainable aspects that you excel in.
  • Due Diligence: due diligence is probably the best yet most underestimated reason to apply for this certification.  You can confirm that your business is compliant to the standards of a responsible certification.
  • Promotion: your business will be featured in the and on the website of Tourism Corporation Bonaire (TCB) giving you a competitive edge.

There are three levels of the Blue Destination Company Certification, based on your score:

1-Star : meet 50% criteria.
2-Star : meet 75% criteria.
3-Star : meet 95% criteria.

You will also receive your Score Card that indicates your score per each criteria, which confirms the transparency of this certification. 

Businesses can utilize this score card for their sustainability publication.

Businesses that participate in the Blue Destination Company Certification can also apply for the Virus-Aware Seal. If the results are sufficient, they will receive both the Blue Destination Company Certification and the Virus-Aware Seal without extra costs.  A Virus-Aware label can help protect hotel and restaurant staff because it reminds guests to take all required precautions. Being able to offer a safe space can be essential for the survival of a tourism business. Especially because many people will look for safe and quiet places to visit.    

Scorecard virus Aware companies on Bonaire

To receive more specific information about the Blue Destination certification and the Virus Aware Seal, please fill in this form and we will contact you shortly or send an email to